Coping Wheel

Coping Wheel

Over the last few years, I have worked with a lot of students who have a variety of needs. A common theme that I have been seeing is that these students, for whatever reason, lack coping skills and strategies that help them resolve the problems they face. The result has been emotional turmoil and suffering, as well as the intentional enforcing of negative impacting behaviors on these students and those around them. This is why I developed the Coping Wheel.

This tool has proven effective for students with a variety of needs ranging from autism spectrum to anxiety disorders. The Coping Wheel offers an imaginative way to present coping strategies to students. It is customizable to your needs and the ability level of your students. The Coping Wheel is, in its own way, a coping strategy since by going to use it, it positively reinforces the use of coping strategies to solve problems in a productive and positive manner.

IEP & Behavior Support Tool:
This tool may be specifically referenced in IEPs and Behavior Plans. The license of use takes into account the conclusion of a copy of the customized Coping Wheel within any IEP or Behavior Plan documentation.

Recommended use:
Use this tool for students who struggle with anxiety, depression, frustration, anger, or other emotion regulation challenges. It may also be used for adults with similar challenges. The more people helped, the better.

The Coping Wheel may be purchased at TeachersPayTeachers for the price of $1.49.


Credit: The Graphic Design work for this product was done by Robert Ennis. The idea, prototype, and application of this product are the property of Brian Middleton.