Miniature Painting Services

I offer a miniature painting service. My preferred miniatures to paint are the Bones Collection made by Reaper Miniature because they are flexible, resilient, and inexpensive pricing. They are also a real joy to paint. I do, however, have experience and skill in painting a variety of materials ranging from metal to plastics to composites. Depending on the miniature’s size and level of detail, I can provide a high quality and high detail paint job for about $15 plus the model’s original price. However, if the model is extremely large or requires high detail work, prices do increase from there.

I request a specific color pallet. This usually consists of knowing two or three colors to be used on clothing, an expected skin tone, or the coloring of the creature.

The Approximate Pricing Scale:

Basic Painting and Detailing
$15* per miniature
Beast 1             Mage

 High Detail** 
$10 per hour*. Max $40.

Images are on the way.

Large Miniatures**
$10 per hour*. Max $60.
Dragon 1Dragon 2









*Pricing does not include the cost of the miniature, whether sold by Brian or bought separately.
**Miniatures and models that are both large and high detail will be priced on an individual basis.


Painting Classes & Tutorials
If you like in the Cedar City Area, I do provide hands on miniature painting training. The environment is relaxed and the process is incredibly fun. Feel free to contact me if you wish to arrange a time to paint.

Painting Parties
Have you ever had a painting party? They are very enjoyable and stress relieving. While I do not offer this as a service, I wanted to mention this as an option you can do in your home. Get two or three friends together, put on some good music, and paint while you chat.